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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Most appointments take place in the consulting suites at Priory hospital. First appointments are normally for 30 minutes which allows time for you to explain your problems and also to be examined and a management plan to be formulated. Read More...

Dealing with Insurance Companies

When you contact your provider they may use terms such as being a "recognised" or "approved" Consultants. These terms are misleading and merely reflect that consultants have signed up to a particular partnership deal with the insurer. Read More...

Biography of Philip Toozs-Hobson

Philip is married with 3 children and a dog. He trained in London at St Mary's Hospital qualifying in 1989. He was the Clinical Director for Gynaecology and Director of Pelvic floor medicine at Birmingham Women's Hospital, now concentrating on clinical practice... Read More...


Philip is part of the birmingham gynaecology group and is a renowned Gynaecologist who has spent 25 years training and working in the area of incontinence and prolapse. He is one of only a handful of Urogynaecologists with a Department of Health clinical excellence award in recognition of his clinical expertise and commitment to improving women's health through his research programme.

Philip's reputation reflects his attitudes to practicing pelvic floor medicine, where he feels a holistic approach looking at all aspects of care including the psychological impact of pelvic floor problems. Despite this he offers contemporary and state of the art surgical solutions where required.

Philip has been in practice as a consultant in the West midlands at Birmingham's Women's hospital since 2000 and spent 4 years as the Clinical director of Gynaecology and theatres. He was the lead clinician in Urogynaecology for nearly 15 years and he has established a tertiary referral unit. He runs one of only 17 Urogynaecology subspecialty training programmes in the UK.

Whilst Philip has been a clinician first and foremost he has also contributed significantly to developing knowledge through leading a research programme. He has published over 140 peer reviewed papers, guidelines and reviews.

Most recently he has authored a patient self help book, OAB minimising symptoms maximising life available through the Lambert publishing website or via

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