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Patient Information

Philip Toozs-Hobson Appointments and Costs

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What to expect from your first appointment?

Most appointments take place in the consulting suites at Priory hospital. First appointments are normally for 30 minutes which allows time for you to explain your problems and also to be examined and a management plan to be formulated. Every consultation is followed up with a typed letter for you to keep, written in plain English so that you can understand what has been discussed. In certain circumstances, you may be initially offered an Urodynamics appointment instead to reduce costs or save you time waiting for appointments.

Quite often tests need to be organised and these will often using the ePAQ system or the electronic bladder diary system. Both of these require user licences but this is a once only fee. Unfortunately not all insurance companies will cover the cost of these investigations and there may be an excess. These total £40 but are one off costs for each patient, so if your treatment is being monitored then you won't incur further costs.

The most common test ordered is video Urodynamics and you will find more details about this in the advice sheet on the patient information page. The results of your Urodynamics test will normally be discussed immediately afterwards to save you having to be seen at a further appointment, this again will be followed up with a letter explaining what was agreed.

If at any point there is any confusion please either phone Wendy or email where we will endeavour to contact you back within 1 working day.

Philip Toozs-Hobson Private Practice and Private Insurers

Dealing with medical insurance companies

Philip is recognised by all major insurance companies and has held BUPA and AXA PPP registration since 2000. His patients have been insured with a variety of insurers including but not limited to include BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, PHS and Standard life.

When you contact your provider they may use terms such as being a "recognised" or "approved" Consultants. These terms are misleading and merely reflect that consultants have signed up to a particular partnership deal with the insurer. This is because many insurance schemes now try and "manage" patient referrals by directing customers to particular medical providers who have agreed these set rates, rather than having a particular skills set or the experience to manage your problem. As a result private schemes may try to direct you towards a particular provider but you do have the right to be seen by any of the registered consultants (based on holding a substantive NHS consultant appointment or equivalent). Secondly the providers may try and muddy the waters suggesting that you will be left with under insured shortfalls.

Philip, like many established consultants, has not signed up universally to all of these schemes. You will have the right to be seen by any consultant who is registered with the company. If this is the case please be sure that you are being referred to a consultant who meets your needs. It is easy to google them and establish exactly whether they have the expertise to provide the quality service you are paying for, at the end of the day you have private insurance to cover your needs and not that of the insurer.