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Private Practice

Philip Toozs-Hobson Contacts and Appointments

Priory BMI hospital Priory road Edgbaston Birmingham B5 7UG

Tel: 0121 440 2323 (main switchboard)
Tel: 0121 446 1638 (consulting suites and appointments)
Fax: 0121 440 0804

Secretary: Wendy 0121 607 4707 Contact

Philip usually consults on a Wednesday morning or once a month on a Saturday Appointments may be organised at Heath Lodge to suit and subject to availability through the BMI on 0121 446 1638 Private surgery can also be arranged through the private patient services at Birmingham Women's hospital if preferred.


"As I mentioned on Wednesday I was very anxious and scared of the entire procedure, the anaesthetist, surgery and hospital stay. However, your skill together with the care provided by the surgical and nursing staff ensured that it was a painless and stress free procedure. Thank you again for your understanding and care."
  Mrs H.F.

"Thank you again for all your care with my recent surgery. I can't believe how well this has worked and given me my life back."
  Mrs M.P.

"To whom it may concern. I am writing to express my gratitude to Mr Toozs-Hobson and his team. When I first noticed my prolapsed bladder I was devastated and sought a private consultation and was recommended to Mr Toozs-Hobson. Mr. Toozs-Hobson guided me through giving me time to come to terms with the operation that was looming and for the pelvic floor exercises to make a difference. The operation went extremely well with very little pain and I was well looked after, as I did as I was told and recovered quickly but was left with bladder leakage which can happen after such a big operation apparently. The bladder operation that I was really not looking forward to was not a problem at all and it has totally solved any leakage and I cannot tell you how delighted I am I feel normal again! Mr. Toozs-Hobson is very experienced and my operations were very successful and I cannot thank him enough."
  Mrs J. D.

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help. As you know I had previously had several bad experiences with surgery and I really appreciate the thoroughness of the investigations before my surgery and the ePAQ questionnaire which allowed me to discuss issues that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to. The whole process helped prepare me for theatre and your brother's tracks for preparation for theatre and dealing with post operative pain meant that this was the best and most positive experience I have ever had. I will now be able to face the prospect of any surgery in the future with total confidence. Please thank both Dr Millns and Robin from the bottom of my heart."
  Mrs J.S.

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